The rooster and I…we’ve had some intense moments together since he joined our farm.
Most recently, the intensity grew to such levels that I may have wielded a pick axe and threw it at him…briefly hoping to somehow victoriously decapitate his cocky spirit. AND his physical body. But really, I promise…I’m not a violent person.?
In fact, would you believe that just a mere three months ago, I actually thought his efforts to woo the ladies (a sideways strut and full wing display, interlaced with a blood-curdling cock-a -doodle-doo) were actually cute and amusing?

The Ruthless RoosterWell, not anymore…not since he activated beast mode on the ninjas and me. And by beast mode, I mean attacking us every. single. TIME. we take our eyes off him. Oh, he is stealthy! And cunning! And consequently, I’ve been plotting his demise…because he just doesn’t learn. Despite some straight up samurai warrior style bouts with the special ‘stick’ I’ve named just for him to dole out much-needed justice, he gets stealthier. And my patience is wearing thin.
So while his vigorous attempts to establish dominance around here never seem to relent, I’ll be upping my ninja game. And THAT involves practicing accuracy with my pick axe.? +⛏= ☠

Written by Ninja MaMa

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