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A Toy to Zap my Joy

On the surface, it was a nice gesture…a stranger gifting the toy to my young son. I’ll admit- I got a bit nostalgic. When I saw her bring it out of the back bedroom, I was immediately transported back to 1983. I was a preschooler who loved spending time at my grandparents’ house. There, I… Read more »

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‘So fresh and so clean!’

When you’re wrestling an 85-pound bulldog into her first ever shower experience (don’t ask how the tub option went), worrying about what your toddler can destroy unattended suddenly ceases to be important. Little did I know, we would both ending up being so fresh and so clean, clean by the end.

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My Nemesis

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’ Isn’t that the old adage? LEMONS= it was too quiet in the den. Which is always suspect…I wandered in to find baby ninja shrieking in delight as she ran toward me. Then I saw it: a pile of finely shredded styrofoam balls all over the carpet. My nemesis;… Read more »

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A Visit From the Nap-Time Fairy!

Are They Still Breathing? It’s 3:15 p.m. I have had nothing but silence to keep me company for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Baby Ninja finally fell asleep at 1:15 p.m. Ninja Boy put himself to sleep (my genius husband’s best idea yet!) around 1 p.m. And I have had nothing but time. Laundry is folded. Dinner underway. I… Read more »