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Parenting is ‘Logs’ of fun…

  My heart seriously stopped when I glanced in the den. Were those turds all over my floor? Let me explain why I immediately jumped to this conclusion. Lately, baby ninja has made it a habit of removing her pants AT LEAST five times per day..what the?!! I crept closer and closer, preparing myself for the stench…and then it… Read more »

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Oh, the places you’ll go….pee

Apparently, it’s now trendy to pee anywhere BUT in the toilet. Listen up, pre-schoolers. If you really want to confuse your Mama AND displace blame on everyone else, try peeing in these key locations: 1) by the laundry room door where your sweet puppy naps (Her response: “Naughty dog- out you go!”) 2) by the washer (Not once.TWICE) Her response:… Read more »