I have never cared much about the Halloween craziness. Then, ninja boy started preschool. Now, there are parties and gift bags and costumes. Blech.
I must admit, I’m not very ‘Pinterest-ing’. Oh yes, I have thousands of pins on multiple boards, but no real plan for making any of them a reality. I just like looking at them and pretending in a perfect world, I might actually be able to create something half as nice…in my spare time while I sit around the house kid-wrangling all day with absolutely NOTHING to do. But I digress.
The kid wanted to be a spider…I whipped out the Amazon app because Amazon. They have everything! For $35, I figured the boy could be a spider and I could keep my non-crafty self free of anxiety. Didn’t work.
So I reluctantly consulted Pinterest…and the face paintings and hand-stitched, bedazzled costumes that some horrible person posted pictures of so I feel like the least crafty person in the universe. Seriously, what little kid keeps face paint on for more than 15 seconds?!
Then, we go to Target. I’m still optimistic we will find something. Nothing. Except a hairy, enormous decorative spider that he loved…wait a second. Could I just curl the legs over his back and call it a day? No, that’s lazy. So back to Pinterest I go. Which made me feel worse. What to do when you’re in doubt, and panting like you’re in full panic attack mode? You call the original ninja, Mom. Her answer was Velcro, got that? Slap on some Velcro, and we have a spider. I love that woman.Velcro on spider body and black jacket to attach spider for Halloween costume Velcro googly eyes on to black hoodie for spider eyes

Now, onto treats. I’m serious- preschool is high pressure. Can’t I just throw some candy in a ziploc and be done?! Aargh.

Pinterest- why do I do this to myself?!? At this point, I don’t have grandiose expectations. Let’s just find something quick and easy; there is such a thing, yes? Lollipop spiders- boom. Pipe cleaners and Googly eyes; this has ‘amateur crafter’ written all over it. NOW I can throw them in a ziploc bag with no shame; ‘craft’ completed. image

I’m sure someone will create a masterpiece of Halloween decor today, complete with a cornucopia of goblins and elaborately stuffed scarecrows pooping out candy corn while a skeleton made of q-tips lip syncs ‘Monster Mash’. But this girl? I’m just concerned about what kind of candy I’ll get to mine from his goodie bags later. ‪#‎ninjamamadiaries‬ ‪#‎momlife‬ ‪#‎originalninja‬ ‪#‎ninjasplease‬‪#‎pinteresting‬

Written by Ninja MaMa

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