Today was going great. Until the Jehovah club showed up at our house. Now don’t get me wrong- I admire their conviction. Greatly. But I just don’t feel like getting into religious discussions with random strangers.

Anywho, I was optimistic, because hermits like me think ahead for events such as this. The shades were down, the living room lights were off. It was just me and the kiddos. We should be able to maintain the quiet for a few minutes, right?

Then the doorbell rings…despite my gentle (okay, insistent) urging in my best serious whisper tone to tell Caleb NOT to go to the door, he goes to the picture-window blinds right next to the door. And proceeds to peek through them directly up at the witness on my doorstep. Blurgh.

Now I HAVE to answer the door. Note to self: Must. Perfect. Hiding. Techniques.

Written by Ninja MaMa

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