Five things you should know about the eclectic display of junk I just excavated from my purse:
1) my little clan has been sick for SIX weeks…the dinosaurs came from multiple doctor visits, and my ninjas now think cough drops are candy. image
2) I rekindled my love for Mike & Ike’s while on a sick-mama-don’t-care sweets tirade. The kids were delighted.
3) The dried flower is from a preschooler last week who thought I was pretty great…that and I may have been the only one around to gift. And the watch? Who needs to wear one when you can just throw it in your mama’s purse?!
4) I am always prepared for emergencies if I have Chapstick and a spare set of keys…and a notebook.
5) We made it to church and I have the tickets to prove it. ?

Written by Ninja MaMa

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Linda Masters


thanks for the laughs….. it certainly brings back memories….. My Husband and I raised three (3) little darlings..


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