We’ve been having a small battle of the boogers around this place lately. Meaning ninja boy constantly has his finger inserted in one or both nostrils at any given time. I’ve tried to encourage him to use a Kleenex when the mood strikes, and especially when he retrieves golden treasure…and all this before he gobbles the treasure down. I know, totally gross.

Anywho, I guess I’ve been quizzing him a bit too frequently on his activities. This I know because he has devised a very clever retort. As he approached me with a lovely string of snot stretched across his right cheek, I immediately asked if he had been drilling lately. Ever so quickly, he replied ‘no, no’ and shook his head in accord vigorously.This kid doesn’t know who he’s dealing with…I was lied to every day of my career by illegal immigrants, um k? Try something I haven’t heard already. Better up your game if you expect to get one over on your Mama, boy!

Written by Ninja MaMa

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