picture of Ninja MamaI am a full-time Ninja Mama to a fearless, funny and temper-tantrum-throwing toddler, and a giggling ginger-headed bundle of baby girl cuteness. I’m also a full-time wife to my sweet and sassy Southern-charmed hubs (who still thinks I’m hot and compliments my cooking). Whoah, did I score big, right?!


So where did it all begin, you ask?

The notion of my being a ‘Ninja Mama’ came about from a phone conversation between my dear mom and I after a particularly harrowing episode of laying down my son (then 2) for nap time whilst being pregnant with my daughter. I remember the day vividly.

I was very pregnant (you know, when the waddling walk sets in), my varicose veins were kicking my crack, and my rather spirited toddler just had to have me in all my one-ton glory, climb into his loft bed before he would fall asleep. Yeah. I did it. Because I was desperate for a nap myself. And after several minutes of me pretending to be asleep, my little guy finally drifted off into a sweet slumber. BUT the true problem was this: I still had to get off my back, and gingerly slip down the flight of stairs which really liked to creak….especially under the weight of my big preggo self. So there I was, shimmying down those baby-sized steps, cursing and panting in agony all the way…yet I still wasn’t in the clear. You see, I had to navigate through and around the gauntlet of toddler toys without bumping one, or worse, stepping on one. It was like a really intense game of MineSweeper. Sweating and all.  As I cleared the door at last, I had to chuckle. So I called MY mama later that afternoon, telling her the story of how I really should pre-arrange said toys BEFORE nap-time begins, because I had to employ straight-up ninja tactics to get out undetected. And she laughed her crack off. Then she said, “Lindsey, you really need to write this stuff down!” So there you go. : )

I’ve always loved writing, and it has been an incredible outlet during many times in my life. This is my stab at documenting the good, bad and downright ugly (read: stinky) of raising children…my theory being if I didn’t write about it, I would surely go mad. What can I say? They bring out the worst in you sometimes. But even amidst all the crazy, there are all those simple, sweet, sincere moments that get lost in the days/months/years of growing up babies. And I didn’t want to forget those either; my baby ninjas also bring out the BEST in me.

My hope is that some of my journal entries at most, make you snort and blow soda out of your nose, and at the very least, make you smile and realize you are definitely not alone in this parenting journey. I joke a lot about my kiddos driving me batty, and while that may be true on occasion, the REAL truth is: My Cup Runneth Over!