I admit it- I’m somewhat of a germa-phobe…okay, it’s safe because most of you know me, so I’ll just own up to the fact that I have a MAJOR case of the OCD’s when it comes to germs. Eeeew- it even grosses me out when I look at that word.

And somehow strangers sense this…which is why they constantly come up to me in public places and touch my dear, sweet, germ-free son.

“Can I just touch him? It’s a thing I have to do with babies.” Uh, weird!

I’m sure you’re saying at this point, “You had a chance to say ‘no'”. Which is true- but is there really a way to say that tactfully? And then you may ask, “Why would you worry about being tactful at a time like this?!” Dang- you people are killing me today.

I must say I did what any freaky-with-the-germ-fears mama would do. When we returned to the safe, clean confines of the car, I whipped out a wipe and went to work on my son’s face, hands, and feet…pretty much any skin that risked contamination from that strange chick with the “touching” sickness.

Oh my goodness- this blog is like confession! Except I’m not Catholic and I’m quite certain God is having a laugh as he continues challenging me with these “touching people.”

Is my lovely one destined to live his youth inside a bubble? No, that’s a ludicrous question! I’ll just be walking alongside him every step of the way, with my sanitizing wipes of course. : )

Written by Ninja MaMa

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