An ever-growing list of things no one ever told me (about being a Mama):

1) disposable nursing pads aren’t meant to be washed OR dried
2) you can’t always beat an incontinent dog to the door
3) getting pooped on will cease to bother you (see #2)
4) pregnancy could be a wonderful experience (it’s just those last two weeks that really kicked my crack!)
5) childbirth really isn’t that big of a deal (except for those pesky contractions anyway)
6) you’ll get by on less sleep and naps? What naps?!
7) babies have shower-dar, food-dar and coffe-dar…when I’m stepping in the shower, getting ready to eat or grab some coffee, that little guy’s radar goes off and he “needs” me
8) speed eating is your new meal plan (see #7)
9) you don’t really need to exercise when you have a baby (see #7)
10) alarm clocks are for crazies (see #6)
11) nursing and almost anything is possible….except getting an incontinent dog to the door in time (are you seeing a pattern here?!)
12) toothless smiles are irresistible
13) you can’t really sanitize a teething ring (it kind of explodes in the microwave…who knew?!!!)
14) getting up I-don’t-want-to-admit-how-many-times each night to make sure he’s still “breathing” is semi-normal….I think. : )

What’s on YOUR list?!

Written by Ninja MaMa

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